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Breached Data Management Platform


Engaging with us enabled our client to build one of the biggest searchable cybersecurity breach entries in the world. 6 Billion entries and growing!

Data Breaches are security incidents where confidential personally identifiable information, or PII, like user credentials, contact, and financial information, get inadvertently exposed due to vulnerable and insecure software systems. An American startup, still in stealth mode, wanted to make this data publicly accessible to allow people to assess if their PII or even identity was exposed.


Our solution

To begin with, the client needed to build multiple web applications to support their target customer segments to search and manage data breaches.

Over multiple years of engagement, the Synergenie team continued to develop and maintain multiple visually appealing and performant customer-facing web applications for multiple product lines. Stripe was used for managing user billing and subscription management. Various external vendor and API integrations were also undertaken for user identity protection, user profile integration, and data compromise features. A separate administration backend application allowed authorized users to perform administrative tasks.

Efficiently storing and retrieving big data of the security breaches was a challenge.

Synergenie iterated through multiple proof of concepts to handle the huge volume of breached entries. (Over 6 billion and growing!) Functional proof of concepts applications built on Google Bigquery, Amazon Redshift were eventually discarded in favor of Apache Cassandra. Cassandra gave one of the best pay-offs in terms of price and performance.

Populating breach data efficiently into the breach database was a big challenge and time consuming.

Breach data is available in multiple formats from sql database dumps, to text and CSV files and does not have a fixed structure. Additionally each data breach could contain files from kilobytes to tens of gigabytes. After understanding and extended brainstorming and consultations, the Synergenie team helped defined a standardized process for data cleaning, extraction and validation. We also built a web application, with point and click wizards, to populate data cleaned by Data Analysts into the breach database.


Synergenie was involved with developing multiple applications from scratch in the early stages of the client’s journey, and in providing a strong foundation for the future. The systems built by us are resilient and scalable to address the data protection needs of hundreds of thousands of users that the client plans to rapidly scale up to.


What do people say about Synergenie?

David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Ion Sun
We chose Synergenie because we wanted a long-term reliable partner, who could understand and execute complex web development. We’ve been very pleased with their ability to quickly execute development, their reasonable cost and the consistent daily communication.
Chad Bennett
Chad Bennett
Synergenie cleared our rigorous technical shortlisting, and we have had successful multi-year engagements with them ever since, on varied technologies. Highly recommended!
Alexander S
Alexander S
IT Manager
Synergenie has been the go-to partner for us from inception. Over the years, they have played a key technical role in supporting our growth, by providing excellent and on-time deliverables for our customer projects, proposing new features and/or revamping old systems and processes for our customers.
Henning Geiler
Henning Geiler
Owner / Principal
Pinpoint Media Design
It has been a great experience working with Synergenie over the past few years. They have always been dependable, and deliver on time and on budget. Often they have also gone out of their way to accommodate and support projects which require rare skills.
Motti Horesh
Motti Horesh
Horesh Studios
Synergenie did a great job for me. For my Laravel and AngularJS project, they gave daily status updates and delivered on time, and with the expected quality. I recommend working with them again.